Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh, nail me!

No, not in that sense!

So I've heard that it's all about what nail-polish you're wearing this season and if so, do I have the nail-polish bible on hand, literally!
"In the name of the thumb, the index and little pinky. Amen"

Think soft shades. Subtle yet sexy. Sophisticated but sweet, romantic shades that give your nails a kiss of colour. O.P.I has come up with a sof shades collection, called 'fairytail bride'.

Quirky, witty names come with these beautiful lacquers such as; 'I pink I love you' and 'I'll take the cake'. These names suit each collection to the tee.

Also, if you're anything like me and are a bit wary before trying something different they have a program on the O.P.I site called 'try-on this colour'. There's an artificial hand where you are able to changed the colour of skin tone to suit your own, and too the length of nail! O.P.I's whole nail-polish collection is there. Easy, breezy. Try before you buy!

Check it out,


Ahoy hoy!

I have a confession, I have been doing some serious stalking of this Australian brand by the name of 'I HEARD THEY EAT CIGARETTES' and I must say, wow do they have some serious shit!

Their new winter '09' collection has just hit the racks and looks to be a success amoungst all the fashion savvy kiddies, I'm not suprised because I have my eye on their hooligan boots and for a small price of 285 bucks, they're worth every penny! (Bottom, middle pair)

They stock logo tees, jeans, shorts, leather jackets, quirky rings for both the lads and ladettes, plus stacks more! Check 'em out.

Stockists are located all around Australia and New Zealand.

Contact them via myspace, facebook and website or email them for some info

Let me know what you guys think of their threads!

Toodles, xx